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Have you ever  REALLY checked out the ingredient list on the back of your dogs treat bags?  The flavors might seem healthy enough and your Pup probably even loves them, but you might still be left wondering, “How do I know if the treats I'm giving my dog(s) are REALLY healthy for them?”

We started researching all of the harmful and unhealthy ingredients that were listed on our dogs treat/food bags.  We also discovered that dogs can thrive off not only an omnivorous diet, but a fully plant-based diet to meet all their nutritional needs!  This led us to the idea of making our very own homemade dog treats.


We knew we wanted the ingredients in our treats to be high quality and organic.  So that's why we use the very same ingredients as we do in our own plant-based kitchen.  The flavors and smells of our treats needed to be drool worthy enough of course, and we baked batch after batch until we achieved that perfect crunch that most all dogs love!

We believe everyone deserves transparency in knowing exactly what our beloved fur babies, also known as Dogs, are eating.  So why not leave the worry and wonder to us and feel confident in knowing that your Pup is not only getting a tasty treat, but with real beneficial ingredients that they will love and you will feel good about?! 


Our treats will have even the pickiest of pups licking up every last healthy crumb!!!

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